The Young Leaders Programme offers three-month intensive leadership training to selected participants. The training focuses on professional development and football coaching skills. More than 450 youths from states like Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and UT Delhi have received leadership training under this programme. The programme has 187 Young Leaders, more than half of whom are girls, and aims to develop a network of young role models and help them in reaching their maximum potential.  


#KICKLIKEAGIRL PROJECT: The main focus of the community project is to identify children and youths from the community and help them complete their education whilst ensure they are regularly attending. In this project OSCAR leaders work directly with the community and parents to create a meaningful and lasting impact.

OSCAR foundation seeks to empower young women in slum and rural communities from Mumbai, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Delhi to help them identify gender disparities, and challenge these inequalities through two capacity building programmes under the kicklikeagirl project. The project focuses on empowering girls in the 15-22 years age group.

In 2018-19, 25 girls attended a six-day residential training in Mumbai and a one-day follow-up training in their local community. The training focused on the development of the girls’ leadership and communication skills and how these can be applied to the delivery of football for social change activities. As a result of this training, 15 girls were given a life-changing opportunity to travel to the UK as a part of the OSCAR International UK Schools Tour 2018. The tour has bought a remarkable change within the girls and their communities with regards to gender equality.  

Girls who are part of the #kicklikeagirl project receive continuous support to enhance their knowledge and skills to become Senior Young Leaders. Since 2016, 125 girls have benefited from the kicklikeagirl project.


OSCAR INTERNATIONAL YOUNG LEADERS programme aims to engage like-minded young people from around the world; empowering them with skills to become true Global Citizens and to work towards creating a better world for everyone. Being part of this programme enriches lives, as well as creating better opportunities for children growing up in some of the poorest slum communities in Asia. The role of a young leader encompasses fundraising initiatives, organising events and taking part in global citizenship workshops. Get in touch with for more information.

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