The Football Programme reaches out to children and youth between 6 to 22 years. The programme focuses on developing a positive outlook in children and youth through football and develop leadership skills like team work, problem solving, and decision making in them. Our coaches also discuss issues critical to community development such as gender equality, environment, and health and hygiene. Regular school attendance is a prerequisite for all children who attend this programme under OSCAR’s ‘No School, No Football’ policy.

The Football Programme has grown rapidly from Ambedkar Nagar in Mumbai to 31 locations across India over the last 13 years.  


THE COMMUNITY PROJECT: The main focus of the community project is to identify children and youth from the community who do not have access to education and help them in completing basic formal education. OSCAR’s Young Leaders directly work with the community to create a meaningful and lasting impact.

THE PARTNERSHIP PROJECT offers an opportunity to any non-profit, club, or corporate to tie up with OSCAR’s Football Programme. For example, we welcome organisations interested in providing nutrition support to the children or to take them out for educational excursion or workshops.

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