Anshu Kacchap

I joined OSCAR in 2013 and have been a part of it for the last six years. Before joining OSCAR, I did not play football. I always wanted to play, but I hesitated to ask my parents. When I got to know that OSCAR is starting a girls batch, somehow I convinced my parents. When I started playing football, I faced a lot of resistance. People in my community would say, “girls are meant to do household work” or “girls shouldn’t wear shorts”. Sometimes the community would also influence my parents and try and stop me from playing football. But I didn’t succumb to these pressures.

The turning point in my life came when I got selected for the National tournaments and travelled to Andaman Nicobar. There my team won the tournament and we got a lot of recognition. This news was published in a lot of newspapers in Jharkhand. This is when my parents, in true sense, started supporting me in spite of the criticism. My parents started believing that even girls can achieve success in sports.

My biggest achievement is when I got to travel to the UK. I never thought that I would travel to a foreign country, and play with players from another country. The UK trip boosted my confidence levels in a way that now I don’t worry about what people would talk about me and whether they would judge me. I speak and give my opinions without any hesitation.

Anshu Kacchap (16) has currently taken her HSC boards exams at Ranchi, Jharkhand. She aspires to become a professional football coach.

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