The Education Programme assists children who are facing difficulties at performing well in school. We currently provide assistance to 400 children in subjects like Hindi, English, and Math. The goal of the Educational Programme is to help children strengthen their fundamentals in subjects that they find challenging and to make them understand the value of after-school studies in order to achieve academic objectives. Through this programme, students are able to reach their grade-level learning goals and complete formal schooling.


THE TOY CENTRE Often low-income communities in India lack the space or the utilities required to live and enjoy a healthy childhood. The Toy Centre not only provides a clean and safe environment for children under six years of age to learn, play, and grow, but also offers nutritional support. Having a Toy Center also helps us in early intervention by forming a close bond with the parents and support them in securing school admission when their child reaches the right age.  

THE COMPUTER PROJECT provides children with the opportunity to learn basic computer skills. This is a formal course in partnership with NIIT – a leading computer training school in India. Many children have completed basic and advanced-level computer courses of three months at a subsidised price.

THE SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT is for those students whose parents are from economically low backgrounds who may not be able to fund their education at a higher level (10th, 12th and for graduation) These students show the desire and passion to study and OSCAR helps them fulfill this dream.

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